Ministerial services and topics

Renewing Pastors provides help for pastors and couples who seek healthy sexuality in their marriages; helping spouses wounded by their mates involvement with sexual sin; helping organizations that face these issues.

Services offered

  • Presenters at men’s, women’s, and couples
  • Meetings and retreats.
  • Presenters for ministerial meetings and retreats.
  • Guest speakers at weekend seminars for churches and camp-meetings.
  • Initial counseling by phone or Skype for those who struggle in ministry or with porn or sexual issues.
  • Consultation for churches, or organizations that are faced with a pastor’s indiscretion.
  • Peacemaking seminars and services for churches.
  • Coaching for pastors and leaders.

Possible Topics

  • Our story of grace.
  • The statistics and why pastors are vulnerable.
  • Freedom Begins Here – a video and discussion about pornography.
  • Should fallen pastors be restored? An encouraging perspective from the Bible and Ellen White.
  • Healing for the Wounded Healer – living anger, hurt, and guilt free in the ministry.
  • Pastoral satisfaction survey.
  • Video presentations on satisfaction in marriage: Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage, Best Sex Life, and Fire Proof.
  • Ellen White and “secret sin”.
  • Peacemaker Seminar – a weekend of focusing on healing conflict.
  • Resources, resources, resources, for renewal.

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