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Providing help for pastoral couples who are struggling in marriage.

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Our Story

Dr. Bissell grew up in a Christian home, but for many years in his early ministry he had a secret sin. During that time, Jeanette suffered through the pain of dealing with his sexual addiction. In 1992, he went to a denominational leader to confess his sin, hoping to be accountable and remain in ministry.

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Renewing Pastors provides help for pastors and couples who seek healthy sexuality in their marriages; helping spouses wounded by their mates involvement with sexual sin; helping organizations that face these issues.

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If you’re not ready to talk with us, or you want information for someone else, Renewing Pastors has resources to help you get started. We’ve linked to quick online self assessments, 12-step groups, accountability software, websites, conferences, videos and book resources.

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Renewing Pastors Blog posts

Always Yes With God

Jesus is our ultimate “yes” before the Father. In Him, all things for our good are always “yes.” Along with the Holy Spirit, Jesus and the Father are on our side.

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Significant Statistics

Statistics from Pastors at Risk survey. Also, read our post Some Stats on Sexual Health Issues for Pastors.


Pastoral ministry negatively affects their families.


Pastors who do not have a close friend


Communication problems with their spouse.


Pastors struggling with sexual addiction.

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